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Generate an Enterprise Architecture Atlas using a Template

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Do the Demo with a Data Visualization Template

As the COBIT standard for IT Governance says, Enterprise Architecture is most important for controling change and innovation in your organization.

Specify or Design an Architecture Atlas using a Modeling Language

On this page, you have access to an example enterprise architecture atlas.

The atlas and all of its diagrams are specified in the Dragon1 Modeling language. In the embedded viewer above you see a set of visualizations generated from a JSON structured data file containing the specification of the atlas pages, the data, models and visualizations.

Below is a screenshot of an example .dragon1 File.

You can download the .dragon1 file here and see the modeling language. Edit it in Notepad. And upload it in the viewer here, to see your version of your Enterprise Architecture atlas.

If you want a more advanced interface for creating and editing an architecture atlas, create a trial account here, login and go to the Visual Designer.

Fast, Easy, Nice and of added Business Value

Dragon1 saves you a lot of time with this way of generating architectural insights and overviews. Every manager, architect, contractor or analyst is more productive using Dragon1.

You will spend more time with stakeholders collecting the correct data for your architecture, and less time behind the software.

And instead of creating static diagrams for managers, you provide them with an interactive diagram that they can tune to whatever their need is.

Creating and editing an atlas with diagrams is very easy using the Visual Designer. Below is a screenshot of an atlas opened in the Visual Designer. The Atlas button bar has grouped the most important editing functions for you.

example screenshot edit atlas in visual designer

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