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Generate Data Architecture Landscape Demo

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You can generate Data Architecture Landscapes with this Dragon1 demo by doing the Demo Steps.

The example Data Architecture Landscape you see is an interactive example of a generated Landscape in the Viewer. This application can be used on, but it can also be embedded on any website or run locally on your laptop or server.

We have provided an Excel Sheet for generating a Data Architecture Landscape.

Dragon1 supports you to analyze the generated Data Architecture Landscape and manage your transformation in your company using the diagram and the dashboard.

Example Data Architecture Landscape

Below you see a static visualization of the Data Architecture Landscape. You can use the buttons on the button bar to switch on and off a category of items.

Data Architecture Landscape Dragon1

Auto Data Processing to Help Execute Business Strategies

A business strategy differs from a plan in that so have to change multiple things simultaneously in your organization at various places, whilst keeping everything going.

One way to stay in control at all times of the situation is to generate a data landscape on Dragon1.

Scenario 1Scenario 2
ProblemNo common insights and overviewProjects causing impact on service delivery
ImpactLoosing time in discussions and executing strategiesSpilling time and budget, letting the competition catch up
SolutionGenerate a data landscape on Dragon1 to create common insights and overview and support timely fruitful discussions.Generate a data landscape to support predictions and analyses on the impact of change.

Did you know that a Data Architecture Landscape like this with views replaced over 10 separate report documents with other organizations!!!

Impact Analysis of Changes to the Data Architecture Landscape

Take applications offline and back online again to see the impact on data flows.

What if in the future situation certain applications are not there anymore to facilitate a certain data stream? Then what is the impact of that change?

Watch the below video to see it in action.

You can do the scenario yourself in the above demo.

Here is a nice Guide to the Data Landscape, if you want to learn more about this field.

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Click on the Demo Steps

  • Step 1Edit Name of Application Edit the Name of the Application
  • Step 2 Show Data Stream Show the Manufacturing data stream
  • Step 3 Impact Analysis Take application offline to see analyze the impact.
  • Step 4 Filter Apps Hide the Apps that are not related/relevant to the current view
  • Step 5 Export Data to Excel Click on the Download Excel Sheet button (green) to export the data to an Excel Sheet.
  • Step 6 Upload Excel sheet Click on the Upload & View .dragon1 button. In the Viewer, click on the Upload .dragon1 File button, select the .dragon1 file from your download folder, and check out the updated Data Architecture Landscape with your data.
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