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Generate a Business Capability Heat Map Demo

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Business Capability Heat Maps are Easy to Generate

In the Dragon1 Viewer, you see a business capability heat map with 37 capabilities, grouped in 9 domains. Note that organizations usually have over 200 capabilities and 20 domains. This business capability heat map diagram supports many analysis activities and management activities.

By doing the Dragon1 Demo Steps, you can filter the capability diagram and discover a weakness using an excel sheet and do a round trip with that excel sheet.

Introduction in Business Capabilities - What are they?

Capabilities are a relatively new term in organizations. They are alike functions, processes and activities, but not the same. To make the difference clear we use the following example:

Suppose a company provides a service to clients to organize annual employee events.

A Business function of the company then would be 'Event Management'. This only tells us that this company manages events, nothing more.

A business function is an unstructured and unordered group of business activities.

A Business process is a group of activities of one or more business functions in order to optimize alignment between these activities.

Business processes, in this case, could be:

  • event program creation
  • organize locations
  • ordering catering

A Business activity is a group of tasks that can be carried out by one or more persons or systems.

Business activities could be:

  • discuss draft event program with client
  • visit a location
  • compare visited locations

A Business capability is a process, activity and task that the company is able to execute at a certain level of performance or service level quality.

Examples of business capabilities in this example case are:

  • Organizing 1000 events per month
  • visiting 100 locations per day
  • 100% self service event planning online

You can think of business capabilities for your company by using the sentence: Are we, or should we be capable of ...

business capability heat map demo

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  • Step 1 Download Excel Sheet Download the excel sheet containing the data used in this demo
  • Step 2 Upload in the Viewer Upload the Excel Sheet with your changes in the Viewer
  • Step 3 Clear Views Remove coloring, highlights and background
  • Step 4 Edit Areas Layout Choose a new layout for the areas
  • Step 5 Change Area Names Layout Choose new names from the areas
  • Step 6Select Theme Click on the Edit button and Wizard button (top buttonbar) and select the theme panel.
  • Step 7Select Views Click on the Views in the list.
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