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What is Architecture Diagram? (Definition)

Architecture Diagrams are visualizations that show a coherent set of concepts applied to a system like an enterprise.

Often Architecture Diagrams show the structure with general concepts, like relationships between processes, applications, data objects, and servers.

In this case, the general concepts are processes, applications, data objects, and servers.

These general concepts themselves are elements in other, more specific concepts, like cloud computing, self-service, CRM, or one-stop -shopping.

The conceptual coherence between general concepts is often not shown or clear.

Architecture diagrams benefit from it when they show specific concepts instead of general ones.

Dragon1 Demo

The diagram on this page shows specific concepts.

The concepts chosen on architecture diagrams should be derived from or justified by the strategy of an organization.

One of the great benefits of creating diagrams is that it supports to design of sustainable solutions.

Create and View .dragon1 Files

Dragon1 supports you to work on the platform in a repository application and a designer application part of the enterprise architecture software. Dragon1 also supports you to work with .dragon1 Files.

Any XLSX or CSV file and any data in the Dragon1 repository can be converted into, imported, and exported as .dragon1 Files. Below is an example screenshot of a .dragon1 File.

Architecture Diagrams vs Data Warehouses

Architecture Diagrams can contain structured data from relational databases (in rows and columns or object-oriented nodes) or semi-structured data (such as XML, JSON, CSV, and logs) or any unstructured data (like PDFs, documents, and email) and also binary data.

Architecture Diagrams vs Sustainable Solutions

The dynamic example is repeated below as a static diagram. It is an effective way of visualizing this concept. It is a solution reference architecture diagram.

Architecture Diagrams template demo

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  • Step 1 Download Excel Sheet Download the Excel sheet here (or green button) containing the data used in this demo. Click on the Concepts tab, and edit some names of the concepts. Save your changes.
  • Step 2 Upload in the Viewer Upload the Excel Sheet here (or blue button) with your changes in the Viewer.
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