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Generate an Architecture Canvas Layout Demo

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If you want to follow our free tutorials in generating or building an Architecture Canvas Layouts from scratch, go to our Help Pages

This tutorial will provide some steps to edit, for example, the Architecture Canvas Layouts and dashboard in the Viewer (in edit mode).

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Architecture Canvas Layout

An Architecture Canvas Layout is an example layout of a Dragon1 canvas. A layout, in this case, is a set of areas spread out as layers or columns.

One of the layouts, which we name the Dragon1 Architecture Canvas, is presented above. With the Dragon1 demo steps, users can generate a visualization using a layout.

A layout consists of areas. An area on a canvas can be populated with a certain set of data from a repository or Excel sheet. For instance, an area can be populated with applications and another one can be populated with processes.

The layout can be configured by a user. Above, you see a dynamic example of a generated Architecture Canvas Layout in the Viewer.

We have provided an Excel Sheet you can use to generate your own Dragon1 Architecture Canvas Layout.

architecture canvas layout demo

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Demo Steps

Click on the Demo Steps

  • Step 1 Drag Shapes on Canvas Click on the Edit button (bottom bar). Drag a stakeholder shape from the icon bar at the right, onto the canvas.
  • Step 2 Show Data Sheet Click on the Data button (bottom bar) and go to the Stakeholders tab (embed Excel sheet). Edit the name of the shape (stakeholder) that you have added. Click on Close.
  • Step 3 Draw Relationship Select another shape on the canvas. Click on the arrow icon in the smart toolbar of the shape. Drag the relationship line over the stakeholder shape. When it changes color, release the mouse.
  • Step 4 Download Excelsheet Download the Excel Sheet here (or green button) and see your added data. Add more shapes to their relationships. Click on Save.
  • Step 5 Upload in the Viewer Upload the Excel Sheet here (or blue button). Select your chosen layout in the Treeview and see your changes.
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