Using Video

You can use video in your visualization in different ways. We will discuss three ways here.

  • Video as background, covering the whole canvas
  • Video as shape, like an image
  • Video in a popup dialog box

Video as background

You have probably seen videos in the demo channel on Dragon1 or on some help pages.

The video starts with a visualization fading away and next you see a video play. Now you can do the same.

To place a video as background:

  • Select a folder
  • Insert a Visualization, give it a name
  • Select the Visualization
  • Go to the Page Attributes panel and expand it by clicking on the name
  • In the Video (MP4) field enter a valid URL to an mp4 file. Please take note of copyright issues here. You are responsible for the content you upload.
  • You can upload MP4 videos in your sites folder and use them.
  • Set the background opacity to 1, we want to see through the background, to see the video.
  • If you want to give your video a color tone, just provide a background color and set opacity between 0.1 and 0.9.
  • Be sure to save it all not to lose any of your work here.
  • Now you can create a visualization (using one or more frames/slides). This visualization will automatically fade away (default setting).
  • If you want to have the player start the video automatically, check the AutoPlay checkbox.
  • The last thing is that you have to share your visualization, to make it available in a channel and on a watch page.
  • To publish a video only in the Viewer, you need to change the publication status to public or worldwide. If you choose 'public' the video is only viewable for people logged in, to your account. (If your account is locked, you cannot publish it publicly. This is an optional safety measure for business professionals who only want to share things internally.)
  • You can also apply all kinds of graphical filters to your video. Just play around with the colors and profiles for rectangles you place on top of your video.

Video as a shape

To use video as a shape (Only Google Chrome)

  • Insert a shape on a Visualization
  • Select the Video shape from the basic shapes panel
  • Go to the Text Attributes panel and click on the name to expand it
  • Enter a valid MP4 url in the SOURCE url field and press TAB
  • You will now see your video in the shape
  • You can place as many videos like this on your visualization.

Video in a popup dialog box

To use video in a popup dialog box:

  • Insert a shape on a Visualization
  • In the description field place an embed link like this:
    <iframe width="320" height="180" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • If you switch your visualization to the normal model, presentation mode, watch on a watch page or in the Viewer, on mouseover you will see a popup with your video in it.

Example Screenshots

Below are example screenshots showing you the steps we discussed above:

dragon1 using MP4 url in video field

Example screenshot showing an MP4 url placed in the MP video field.

The visualization has a video in the background:

dragon1 using full visualization as header of the video

Example screenshot shows a full visualization as header of the video.

This visualization will fade finally showing the video. In this way, you can create your own intro to any video:

dragon1 video in popup dialog box

Example screenshot shows the video in a popup dialog box.