How to Setup a Dragon1 Page

On Dragon1 you can create and maintain your own Dragon1 page.

A Dragon1 Page is a public page, with several content sections, that can be viewed by anyone.

By default a Dragon1 Page has the following sections: Channel, Profile, Portfolio, Posts and Blogs. Each of these sections can be switched on and off by you.

You use your Dragon1 Page to be in contact with other professionals and build up your personal brand. For instance, on the subject, you are an expert in.

How to use the sections:

  • You put your created visualizations in a channel so others can view and comment it
  • You publish your profile with your experience to interest people to contact you for new projects
  • You publish your portfolio to share your experience
  • You posts your daily events and thoughts to get your message out there
  • You write blogs to the community your vision and start-up in-depth discussions

Example Dragon1 Page

Here you see an example Dragon1 Page.

How to Create an Enterprise Model

Basic Setup

To setup your Dragon1 Page:

  • Go to the ( Settings module
  • Upload your avatar, choose a name for your profile and confirm the url
  • Now you have an empty Dragon1 Page that is accessible by anyone to view.
  • To switch off and on a portfolio and profile section go to the ( Privacy Module


To setup your profile:

  • Go to the ( Profiles Module
  • Enter the details you want people to know about you.
  • Be careful not to enter any personal or private data that is vulnerable to misuse, like: account numbers, passwords, birthday, social security number.


To setup your portfolio:

  • Go to the ( Portfolio Module
  • Enter your portfolio details
  • You can enter here the names and ID of your visualizations that you want to have placed in the portfolio section of your Dragon1 Page


To create your channel:

  • Go to the ( Setup channel module
  • Upload a logo and banner for your user channel
  • Optionally create section to publish your visualizations in

Create a Publications

To create a Visualization:

  • Go to the (workplace/upload) Upload module
  • Provide a title and upload an image and click ok
  • On the Edit Publication page set the page size and enter a description and enter your channel name
  • Click on publish and click on the watch link to view your publication
  • To edit your publication later just go to the (/workplace/manage-publications) Manage Publication module


To share a post:

  • Go to the ( Posts Module
  • Click on the Share Update button
  • Enter your post and optionally upload a picture with it
  • Click on Share to share your post
  • Now others can read your post and comment it


To write a blog:

  • Go to the ( Blogs Module
  • Enter your blog and publish it
  • To manage your blogs, go to ( Manage Blogs