Using a Visualization Template Help Page

Users on the Dragon1 platform are very productive because of the templates. This saves a lot of time and work. You just click on a template and 20% of your diagram is already finished.

How to use a visualization template

We will start by using the Dragon1 Architecture View Layout.

To use the architecture view layout:

  • Select a folder
  • Click on the ‘Insert Visualization’ in the menu button bar
  • Give the visualization a name in the Dialog menu
  • Click OK
  • Select the visualization
  • Go to the Template drop-down menu and select the "Architecture View Layout" template
  • You now see the template being instantiated
  • There are three things you can do: alter the template, add static shapes or add visual items (dynamic shapes).
  • Suppose the template you have chosen is almost exactly what you need, you just alter it a bit (Title, Logo, etc..) and then show it to a stakeholder to get input.
  • Suppose you think the template is a good basic canvas for your diagram, you start drawing your diagram on it (by dragging shapes to the canvas). And be sure to save your visualization.
  • Suppose you have a model and view present, you can attach them to a visual item and place (drag) that visual item on the canvas. In this way, you can create very easy and fast a complete architecture visualization.
using visualization view layout template

Choose your View Layout Template.

inserted visualization view layout template

Example Screenshot of an inserted View Layout Template.

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