Publish A Diagram In The Content Viewer

The content viewer is the web application you use to have colleagues or stakeholders watch your diagrams.

They need to login and can only access the diagrams you have published.

To go to the content viewer click here Content Viewer. If you are logged in you can also find a link on the application bar next to the Help and Search menu items.

Publish the Diagram

To publish the diagram:

  • Select the visualization
  • Click on Edit
  • Select the value published publicly on the Identity TAB, so the visualization is available for only people in your account who login
  • If your account is OPEN and not LOCKED* (check it in your avatar menu), you can also choose published world-wide. In that case the visualization is available to anyone who goes to the content viewer and can be indexed in search engines on the internet**

This option for your account can only be set by the Dragon1 Administrator in your account.

Read the account management pages for more information on this topic.

Set the NO-INDEX option in the New/Edit dialog of the visualization if you do not want the diagram to be indexed.

Setup your Published Diagram

Your published diagram should have a nice picture in the picture overview in the content viewer.

To give your diagram a picture:

  • Select a Visualization
  • Click Edit in the Button Bar
  • Go to the information TAB in the New Edit Dialog
  • Type a valid URL in the Bitmap / Video URL field
  • Click OK
  • Goto the content viewer and check if your image is shown