Link Content To Your ePortfolio

On Dragon1 you create content such as visualizations, blogs and a profile. Combining these leads to creating an ePortfolio.

If you are a user on Dragon1 your portfolio can be found on[yourname].

Because not all visualizations you create on Dragon1 can be made public or are of interest to be linked to your profile, so you need to explicitly link visualizations to your profile.

To link content to your profile:

  • Select a visualization in the Visual Designer
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter the word Profile as tag in the tag field
  • Go to your profile page and check if the visualization is part of your profile

Screenshot of the upper part of the screen of your portfolio. You see your blogs as part of your portfolio overview page.

Screenshot of the lower part of the screen of your portfolio. You see your visualizations are published here as part of your portfolio.

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