Generate a Visualization

On Dragon1, a user can generate a visualization. This is done by going to the Architecture Repository, choose to insert visual items on a visualization canvas, set up the visual items so they show a selection of data from a view or model in a certain pattern, size and color.

Follow the steps below to generate your visualization.

What is a visualization? - A visualization is a graphical representation of a view of a model. A visualization consists of a canvas on which visual items are placed.

The steps for generating a visualization

  1. Startup the Architecture Repository web application
  2. Open an Cabinet
  3. Select a folder in a dossier
  4. Insert several entities: for instance:
    • 3 processes (procurement, production and sales),
    • 3 applications (BuyOnline, ProdSys, CRM)
    • three servers (SRV1, SRV2, SRV3)
    • or import data from a file
  5. Insert a model: for instance 'My Enterprise Model 2018-2025'
  6. Create relationships between the entities and link them to the model: read create a model
  7. Click Insert Visual Item button on the menubar. Now the New Edit Dialog appears
  8. Enter at least the name of the visual item and select the visualization to link the visual item to
  9. Select on the second tab a shape and check the dynamic link
  10. On the third tab select background and fore ground color and the mode
  11. On the fourth tab set rule for the visual item
    • the rule event on 'visualizationload'
    • the rule condition on ...
    • the rule action on ... color shape orange if cost of application above 50k else color green. and color process red if no owner else color green.
  12. On the fifth tab select a draw pattern and set the rows, cols and interval
  13. If you go to the Visual Designer web application, open the cabinet and select the visualization and select normal mode, you see a visualization with visual items interpreted for the linked data.

Application Screenshots of the Dragon1 software to show the steps

dragon1 insert visualization menu selected

Figure 1. - Screenshot of the Architecture Repository web application with the 'Insert Visualization'- menu selected.

dragon1 new edit dialog visualizations

Figure 2. - Screenshot of the New/Edit Dialog for visualizations after clicking on the 'Insert Visualization' menu-item on the main menubar.

dragon1 style tab size setup

Figure 3. - Screenshot of Style tab with colors and size setup.

dragon1 created visualization canvas selected

Figure 4. - Screenshot of Visual Designer with created visualization canvas selected.