Cross Browser Compatibility

Dragon1 is a cross browser compatible software. On any device, in any browser, you can make use of Dragon1 and create landscapes, blueprints, diagrams, roadmaps and prototypes.

  • Google Chrome (the Preferred Browser)
  • Firefox (2nd Preferred Browser)
  • Safari (3rd Preferred Browser)
  • Internet Explorer > 9
  • Opera

If you experience any problem whatsoever in any browser, please report this to We want everyone in the world to be able to use Dragon1 on any device.

Google Chrome

dragon1 google chrome

Screenshot of Dragon1 in Google Chrome.


dragon1 firefox

Screenshot of Dragon1 in Firefox.

Internet Explorer

dragon1 internet explorer

Screenshot of Dragon1 in Internet Explorer.

IE does not implement SVG as well as other browsers. This causes an SVG border-width hick-up.


dragon1 safari

Screenshot of Dragon1 in Safari.


dragon1 opera

Screenshot of Dragon1 in Opera.