Create User Defined Attributes

Dragon1 supports creating user defined attributes or properties to any entityclass.

You can extend for example Process or Application with special costs or management attributes.

Also, you can create a default list of attributes in your account for a specific entityclass.

How to Add User Defined Attributes (Architecture Repository)

To add user defined attributes:

  • Go to the Architecture Repository
  • Open a cabinet and a select a folder
  • Select / Click on a data object in the folder
  • Now you see a form with the data attributes of that data object
  • Click on Edit Form
  • Now enter the name of an attribute
  • Click on Add Attribute to create a new attribute
  • Click on Update Attributes to store your changes
  • Click on Edit Form to go back to the data form
  • Now you see you can enter values for your attributes in this form (scroll down to see them)
architecture repository add user defined attributes

How to Add User Defined Attributes (Visual Designer)

To add user defined attributes

  • Go to the Visual Designer
  • Open a cabinet and select a folder
  • Select / Click on a data object in the folder
  • At the top right-hand side, you see the generic attributes of the data object.
  • Here you can add, update and delete user defined attributes.
  • If a list of default attributes is configured in your account, you will see these attributes also here.
visual designer add user defined attributes