Create a Standardization View

On Dragon1, you can report the impact of change visually by creating a standardization view.

A standardization view shows what assets (business or IT) do not match the corporate standard for that type of asset.

Suppose you have hardware and you need to know how much it is compliant to standards and what is compliant to standards. By looking at a view of a model, the impact of the lack of standardization can be much better analyzed and solved than by looking at text and data in a document.

Create a Standardization View

To create a standardization view:

  • First create a model and enter the values for certain attributes in the fields.
  • On Dragon1, you can make use of loosely coupling next to hard fields. Just fill in the description of what the attributes and values are, like this:
    • .Manufacturer='Dell'.
    Precede an attribute name with a dot and place the value between quotes.
  • Next you add a rule entity to your model.
  • In the description field of the rule you enter the actual rule statement and you give the rule a descriptive name for the model, like this:
    • Server.Manufacturer='Dell'
  • Now you create a view and configure the rule of the view so that all servers in the model are matched against the rule. Do that like this:
    • Select the view entity in the Explorer
    • Click Edit and enter the rule data on the behavior TAB:
    • Rule Event: onload
    • Rule Condition: Match(Server.*.Descr,Rule.Rule0.Descr);
    • Rule Action: True=show(name);False=fill(Server,red),show(name);
    • Click OK to save the view data
    You have told the view to match all servers against the rule0 in the model (and because the descr field contains a manufacturer standard, this will be matched.
  • Select the view
  • You should see a server that does not have the correct manufacturer colored red.

Extending the example

This is a simple example, but it is meant to show the strength and flexibility of what you can do.

If you add a server to the model, for example, change the manufacturer of a server or change the rule, the view will automatically be updated.

Suppose you have another model showing the companies in a group. You can use this mechanism to show what companies in your group have IT assets that are not compliant with your standards.


dragon1 standardization view

This screenshot shows a hardware model including a rule entity with the description set to a certain manufacturer standard.

dragon1 configuration of view

This screenshot shows the configuration of a view so it will match entities to certain contents of a field. In this case, the contents of the description field. But you can also create and use user-defined fields.

dragon1 applying configured rule onto model

This screenshot shows the view, as a result of applying the configured rule to the model.