Add Comments

In the Viewer, you can add comments to a visualization you are watching. In this way, you can come into direct conversation with the creator of the visualization and improve it. You can leave your comments visible on the published visualization in the Viewer.

To leave a Comment:

  • Select a visualization from the overview in the Viewer by clicking on a visualization.
  • If the creator of the visualization has enabled comment, you can click on the 'Add Comments' button. Else the Add Comments button is disabled or not visible.
  • You can now enter a name and a description for the comment. And you can drag it to any location on the visualization you like.
  • You can minimize the comment by clicking on the Arrow Down icon at the right of the Comment Box.
  • The creator of the visualization will be notified that a comment has been left.
  • Other viewers of the visualization will see your comment. This prevents people from adding the same comment over and over again.