Create a Button on a Visualization as View Selector

Dragon1 supports creating buttons on visualizations as view selectors.

Placing a Button on a Visualization

If you want to place a button onto a visualization, you select a rounded rectangle shape and place it on a canvas. Next, you style it with a gradient or shadow to a button shape.

dragon1 create button

Create a Button on a Visualization.

Configuring a Button Click

To make a button act on a click we need to configure a rule. A rule consists of a Rule Event, Rule Condition, and Rule Action.

The rule needs to add a data attribute to the button. To add attributes, select the button shape, right-click the mouse, and select Edit Data.

Below you see a screenshot of where and how to configure a rule on a shape.

The example rule will show all shapes that have Process for an entity class. If you change 'show' into 'hide' you will get the opposite behavior.

dragon1 configure button click

Configure a Button Click on a Visualization.