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ArchiMate modeling
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Published on 20 mei 2018

Category: Examples

The Content Viewer, a Dragon1 web application

The Dragon1 Content Viewer provides an ArchiMate viewing service for everyone. It now has a build in convertor.

You can provide an official Archimate XML file parameter as shown below:


Here on the Dragon1 SaaS platform you can import data and draw ArchiMate diagrams in the Dragon1 Visual Designer. Next, you can publish them to the Dragon1 Content Viewer, so that stakeholders can view the diagrams for their purposes.

This ArchiMate viewing service shows that the diagrams can be published 100% compliant to the official ArchiMate v3.1 specification.

If you have an ArchiMate file, locally on your computer, or somewhere out on the web or intranet, you can view it on the Dragon1 Content Viewer. Also you can export any ArchiMate diagram from the Content Viewer to the official ArchiMate XML file format.

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