Architecture Design Book Digital Policing Demo

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Architecture Design Book Digital Policing Demo

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Architecture Design Books

Dragon1 supports creating architecture designs books.

The architecture of a structure is the total concept of a structure. And therefore you can design, model and visualize any architecture of any structure.

An architecture design book is about that total concept. It contains stakeholders, requirements, concepts overviews and detailed concept sketches and principle diagrams, the way concepts work producing results.

Architecture Design Book Digital Policing Demo

Here you see an example of such a total concept: the total concept for the digital police.

With such a design book, any organization can implement a total concept, as required by the strategy, much better, than otherwise.

This design book was created in the Visual Designer on the Dragon1 Platform. The information on the design book pages are generated visualizations of dynamic views on top of models. When the data in the repository changes, the visualizations are updated immediately.

Here you can read more about architecture design.


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