Showcase Implementing Digital Invoicing

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Showcase Implementing Digital Invoicing

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Showcase Implementing Digital Invoicing

Digital Invoicing is a Concept.

When the organization (management) chooses to implement a new concept (and the concept principle), it is wise to start searching for literature of successful implementations of this concept. Sometimes you will find a visualization of the concept, such as a concept diagram.

As architect, you can present and communicate this Digital Invoicing concept to your stakeholders using a Design book or Dragon1 Atlas.

Each Atlas page can show a visualization of, for example, the strategy, business model, architectures, designs (concept diagram), business case, the requirements, the project and outcomes.

Read more about the Design Book or Dragon1 Atlas.


Dragon1 Viewer

As a stakeholder, manager or peer, you can give feedback here on the created visualizations in the Dragon1 Viewer.