Getting Started Self-Paced or Startup Program

Dragon1 Self-Paced training

In three steps you as individual can start with Dragon1

1) Choose your Dragon1 edition which best fits you.
2) Buy your user license here online on Dragon1.
3) Receive your account details via your email within 1 business day. Then login and start creating highly intelligent and qualitative products.
4) Once you're logged in, in the presentation resources you'll find a self paced introduction that leads you through basic section of Dragon1. You'll learn to create a static and dynamic application landscape diagram (A0 sized) in your own time at your own pace.
5) After that you might want to take a deep dive and learn how to create an animated/responsive and interactive application landscape diagram. Also for that we have a self paced introduction available in the presentation resources.

Getting Started as Organization with Dragon1

Dragon1 Startup Program

We have defined a Startup Program to start working as an organization with Dragon1. This program contains 7 steps, that can be taken in 7 weeks. The steps are:
1) Buy your user licenses
2) Form a core team of, for example, five people for the pilot & evaluation of Dragon1
3) Do a proof of concept / pilot project with Dragon1
4) Evaluate and present Dragon1 to the management team
5) Write a business case
6) Write an implementation plan
7) Implement working with Dragon1 as a process

If you want to have more information about the Dragon1 Startup Program, please contact us via or call +31 317 411 341.