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Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

In this Dragon1 Certified training course you will study how to create and use enterprise architecture visualizations.

Dragon1 Certified - Level 2

Benefits of Dragon1 Certified training course

  • Learn to create enterprise products like blueprints roadmaps and prototypes

  • Learn to identify capabilities and create a capability planning

  • Learn to use enterprise architecture for decision support and as guide in projects

Becoming a Dragon1 Certified Architect

Dragon1 Certified is level 2 certification for Experienced Architects (having certification or several years of working experience in enterprise architecture, frameworks, other methods and languages).

This training course focuses on the big questions and big challenges that architects have and how to deal will them. And next to design challenges, a lot is about communication!

Dragon1 is a valuable addition to a Togaf certification.

Dragon1 open EA Method

Dragon1 is not only a software tool for enterprise architecture, it is also a recognized open Enterprise Method.

Dragon1 is a special method because it focuses on architects as designers to create visual products, like blueprints, roadmaps and prototypes.

These products are to be used by managers, directors and in projects to support decision making and building and implementing strategic solutions.

This training course will teach you in depth how to make use of enterprise architecture effectively with Dragon1.

This training will definitely make you a better valued architect.

Enterprise Capability Planning

Enterprise Capability Planning

In this training course you will learn how to create a capability planning and use it in projects

Agenda 2017

Start of Training Course 17 August 2017
Wageningen, The Netherlands

August 17, 2017 - Dragon1 Certified starts in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Apply here or request information.

Enterprise Architecture and Capability Planning

Today organizations are focused on becoming more digital and integrating other new technologies rapidly, in order to be able to stay into competition.

Some organizations even have the vision and strategy to become a 100% digital business.

A few of the technologies, organizations are now dealing with, to integrate in the processes and products are:

  • Robotics and Drones
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Nano Technology

All these technologies open doors to innovative ways of providing products and services to clients. Fulfilling the ever changing needs of people.

Now in order to successfully innovate your organization, incorporating only new technologies that are needed because of the strategy, it is best to use enterprise architecture for capability planning.

That is why in this training we focus on creating blueprints, roadmaps and prototypes using the EA method.

With these three visual products you identify, design and communicate capabilities very effectively.


Dragon1 Certified

By the end of this training course you will:

  • Be familiar with the core terms, reference models, architecture visualizations and basic symbols in the Dragon1 open EA method for Visual Enterprise Architecture as a total concept;
  • Be familiar the way the core professional architecture products of Dragon1 are created by architects and part of the Architecture Baseline of the organization;
  • Be able to order, judge and review the professional architecture products of Dragon1 open EA Method as architecture professional;
  • To apply professional architecture products effectively to innovate your business model with your digital strategy;
  • Be productive and effective in a project that work with enterprise architecture, regardless the architecture method or language, because of your fundamental insights and overview of enterprise architecture.

Compliance with other methods and standards

Dragon1 as open EA method is hardly used in isolation. In organizations, for many things there are methods and standards.

Often Dragon1 is used in combination with a project management method, like Prince2, a business process design standard like BPMN and a system design standard like UML. In the method we use certain terminology that does not conflict with these world standards.

Next to Dragon1 there are other methods, frameworks and standards for enterprise architecture. Zachman, TOGAF and ArchiMate are well known and widely used approaches. Dragon1 more and more is used in addition to these three. That is because the EA Method focuses more on conceptual design and stakeholder decision support with visualization than the other architecture standards.

Some practitioners of Dragon1 find it to be a more fundamental architecture design approach then TOGAF and ArchiMate.

If you are a certified architect in TOGAF or have an ArchiMate certification, still you will learn a lot of new things in addition to what you already know about enterprise architecture. For instance about Concept and Capability Design, Architecture Principles as 'Way of Working' and about effective decision making supporting visualizations.

For more information about compliance or a comparison between TOGAF, ArchiMate and Dragon1, please contact us.

Dragon1 Textbook

In this training course the Dragon1 Textbook is used as the basis for the training content. This textbook, that is also sold separately, lays out the fundamentals of the Dragon1 open EA Method plus advanced and expert information.

The textbook addresses the new view on Enterprise Architecture as a total concept, the architect as designer of concepts, defining professional architecture products and visualizations and providing an approach to govern, develop and apply these products in order to design and realize integral solutions in the organization.

A must read for every architect!

A practical 5 day approach

This training uses interactive learning forms to help you familiarize yourself with the complete content of Dragon1. To prepare yourself for the theoretical Dragon1 Certified training exam, you will you will be practicing exam questions during the training course. Before the start of this training course you will need about 16 hours of preparation and study;

The trainer provides the course in English or Dutch and the training material is in English or Dutch.

This training is a 5 day training.

  • Day 1 - Overview of the Dragon1 EA Method, Enterprise Performance Framework, EA Framework & EA Modeling Language
  • Day 2 - Design & Realization of Enterprise Architecture (EA), Solution Architecture (SA) & Governance Architecture (GA)
  • Day 3 - Design & Realization of Business (BA) Information (IA) and Application Architecture
  • Day 4 - Design & Realization of Technology (TA) & Security Architecture (SecA)
  • Day 5 - Governance & Management of Enterprise Architecture and Architects

Every participant gets homework every day part to create or finish 1 architecture product. If participants have their own practical case we can fit that in into the course materials.

Architecture Products

In this training course the student will be made familiar with the following defined Dragon1 architecture products and per product learn how to create it from scratch (via examples, checklists & templates):

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) Baseline
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Enterprise Performance Framework
  • ERA and Architecture plateau (Horizon) diagram
  • Enterprise Architecture Description Document
  • Architecture Sketch Book and Architecture Design Book (for EA, GA, BA, IA, TA, SecA and SA) (A3 sized Glossy)
  • Models Atlas
  • Architecture Vision Design Sketch
  • Structure Vision Drawing
  • Concept Design sketch / drawing + maturity view
  • Situation sketch / drawing
  • Principle details sketch /drawing
  • Principles / Patterns / Building Blocks Booklet
  • Stakeholder onion diagram
  • Requirements analyses diagram (including domain, functions and services model)
  • (layered 3d) Enterprise Architecture blueprint (A0-sized poster)
  • Capabilities Map
  • Governance Landscape Diagram
  • Business Landscape Diagram
  • Process Landscape Diagram (A0-sized poster)
  • Application Landscape Diagram (A0-sized poster)
  • Integral Solution Architecture, Design & Realization Landscape Diagram (A0-sized poster)
  • IT Infrastructure Blueprint (A0-sized poster) + report view
  • Technology Roadmap (A0-sized poster)
  • Enterprise Transformation Roadmap (A0-sized poster)
  • Architecture Principles Document
  • Storyboard, User Story, Migration Scenario Diagram & Animation
  • Glossary of Terms document
  • Architecture Team Working Schema
  • QAA-list
  • IAD-list

Each of the 5 days the participant will be asked via exercise (homework) to create an architecture product. After this training course every participant will have his or her personal architecture portfolio. The architecture products will be reviewed for the certification 'Dragon1 Certified Architect' at the end of this course.


This training course and the exam are both accredited by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. To become a Dragon1 Certified Architect, the training will be rounded off with a practical exam. The personal architecture portfolio will be reviewed for the certification. The exam language is English or Dutch.


This training course is setup especially for those architects (enterprise architects, business architects, information architects and technical architects) who have several years of working experience in enterprise architecture and/or in using other methods, frameworks, languages and tools.


The training course is held in Wageningen at our headquarters.

The costs for this Dragon1 Certified is USD $4.100,- or EUR € 3.175,- excl. VAT per participant, including the costs of the textbook, the exam and training materials. Class size is 6 persons at maximum.

Client organizations can request a training location if they have a group of 5 people or more at once. Additional costs will be charged.

For more information for our Dutch participants, please visit the Dragon1 Academy.