Dragon1 Quickscan

What is a quickscan?

A quickscan is a threefold session with a Dragon1 Professional

The first session is the intake

The second session is the documents review & interviews

The third session is de feedback report

Within the shortest possible period of time Dragon1 will analyze your situation and come back to you with a report containing an action plan.

We have three quickscans to offer you. You can choose which one you need now.

Enterprise Architecture Quickscan

We have eyars of experience in EA and we have developed a method for visual enterprise architecture.

By going thorugh a list qith 100 questions we can analyze what is need and what is missing in your architecture practice to be succesful.

With the action pla in our feedback report you can increase your effectiveness of working with enterprise architecture at least by 30%.

Cyber Security Vulnerability Quickscan

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