December Deal


With this december deal you are buying a solution that will increase your innovation strength and will reduce inefficiency and costs in your organization.

Deal 1: 30% Discount on Dragon1 PRO!

Purchase a 1 year subscription Dragon1 PRO online for 2500 EURO (instead of 3640 EURO), latest on December 31, 2018, more than 30% discount!

Step 1: Go to the Dragon1 Store here, choose this option.

Step 2: Fill out your contact details.

Step 3: We'll provide you the Dragon1 PRO - 1 year subscription as a named user license.

This offer is valid for a limited period. Up to 1 license per company. The license is only for internal usage and is not for resale.

Here you see screenshots of three Dragon1 Applications:

  • Digital Workplace
  • Architecture Repository
  • Visual Designer

Digital Workplace

This is a screenshot of the Digital Workplace.

The workplace enables collaboration online on Dragon1. As a team you define the projects, tasks, approach and knowledge required and deliverables to be produced. Common deliverables are blueprints, landscapes and roadmaps. Next the team members make use of the Dragon1 Applications to create the deliverables.

Visual Designer

This is a screenshot of the Visual Designer.

Common projects done on Dragon1 are: Business Process Analysis, Business Architecting, Enterprise Blueprinting, Technology Roadmapping and Application Portfolio Management. The main benefits of working with Dragon1 is that you guaranteed will produce visuals to use for impact analysis, management decisions and guiding projects.

Architecture Repository

This is a screenshot of the Architecture Repository.

All the data used in the blueprint is first stored in the repository. Using a repository for creating models and architecture increases the quality and consistency of data significantly and with that the business value of these models and architecture diagrams.

If you make models and diagrams of your process and applications landscapes in PowerPoint of Visio you cannot manage the quality of your data.

If you create landscapes, blueprints and roadmaps with data from the repository on Dragon1, you know the version, type, status and ownership of the data. With you can really depend on and trust on the things you see and decide upon.

When the data in the repository changes, the blueprint will be automated automatically. This is called Dynamic Views on Dragon1 and is a unique feature for our Enterprise Architecture Tool.

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