Dragon1 Business Apps

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

The powerful smartphone Dragon1 app for managing your business:

  1.       Smart Business Intelligence
  2.       Interactive Management Information
  3.       Realtime Management Report Views

Key Features of Dragon1 Business Apps

The following functions enable you be effective as manager:

  • Manage widgets for reporting
  • Configure interactive charts
  • Set up management dashboard with widgets
  • Fill in questionairres
  • Use stepping guides
  • Query with you BI-engine

Target Audience and Key Benefits

Target Audience: CIO

It is a perfect fit for it managers, business managers, project managers and program managers at small to medium and large sized companies (SMEs and LMEs).

Business Intelligence

Now what is going on in your organization at the minute with business intelligence information.

Management Information

Get an overview of all the business functions in your organization where you want it, when you want and how you want it.

Questions and stepping guides

Dragon1 Business Apps provides you with questionaires for measuring maturity where you are at certain subjects.

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