Dragon1 Free Content Package

About the Dragon1 Free Content Package

The Dragon1 Free Content Package is a huge set of checklists, reference models, tutorials and visualization templates you get out of the box as Dragon1 PRO or Dragon1 ENTERPRISE user.

You do not have to pay anything extra for it.

Users of Dragon1 experience that they are very productive in a short period of time because of the free content package. In the Resources section of this website, you can read all about the content items that are part of the free Content Package. To make use of these content items you need to be logged in on Dragon1 PRO or Dragon1 ENTERPRISE.

Go to the Resources here and read all about the content items.

NOTE: Two templates from this content package are available to Dragon1 Trial Users: EA Framework and Architecture View Layout.

Overview of the Contents

Here you'll find an overview of the some of the contents, like checklists, reference models and templates, available in the Dragon1 Free Content Package.


Diagram Statement Checklist

A checklist to create an effective architecture diagram.


EA Framework Template

A editable enterprise architecture framework diagram.


Architecture View Layout Template

An editable Dragon1 architecture view layout.


Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Diagram Template

An editable enterprise architecture blueprint diagram.


Application Landscape Template

An editable application landscape diagram with 20+ default views.


Business Functions Model Template

An editable reference model for inspiration on business functions.