Black Friday Deals - 2018


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Order the visualization of your AS-IS Business Architecture - View on your Processes latest on April 6th, 2018 and get a significant discount!

Step 1: Contact us via or call +31 317 411 341.

Step 2: We provide an excel sheet template for you to fill out with your data.

Step 3: We create your Process Landscape for you on Dragon1.

Step 4: Three weeks later you will receive your AS-IS Business Architecture - View on your Processes like the one below.

The cost for creating this visualization for you is only 8000 EURO, inclusive a Dragon1 Pro User license to keep the visualization current and to maintain it yourself.

Example Business Architecture - Process Landscape View

Here is an example of the view on your processes:

Current Date Time:

Sale closes on Friday April 6th, 2018 24:00 pm PST, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

Product: Dragon1 PRO

Call +31 (0)65 222 1400
Sales Person: Paul Bosse

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