ArchiMate Tool Overview

What is an ArchiMate Tool?

An ArchiMate Tool supports you in designing, modeling and visualizing Enterprise Architecture. On this page, you will find resources to support ArchiMate.


Dragon1 as ArchiMate Tool

Create any ArchiMate Diagram you want.


ArchiMate Definition

What is meant by ArchiMate exactly?


ArchiMate Language

Read all about ArchiMate as modeling language.


ArchiMate App. Landscape

An application landscape ArchiMate image.


Enterprise Layers View

An Archimate Enterprise Layers View.


ArchiMate Training

An ArchiMate tool training.


Next Step for ArchiMate Architects

A blog about the next step for Certified TOGAF and ArchiMate Architects.

What is ArchiMate

ArchiMate is a modeling language that focusses on cross-domain modeling. It defines a core set of symbols/shapes to model the situation three defined enterprise layers: business, application and technology.

Archimate is not meant for full-scale process modeling, application modeling and network modeling. But it combines the best of these worlds together. ArchiMate is about alignment.

Viewpoints and views are an important mechanism in ArchiMate to create diagrams. Viewpoints are seen as the place you look from (role-based) and views are seen as what you see (like a filter on the world). With the symbols in ArchiMate, you can create viewpoints which result in views. And a matrix for allowed and forbidden relationships makes sure that you only create meaningful diagrams.

Business Layer

In the ArchiMate business layer you can model services, functions and processes. You can also model capabilities and activities (only with the Dragon1 extension)

Application Layer

In the application layer you mainly model services, databases and applications.

Technology Layer

In the technology layer you model services, nodes and software.

Cross domain modeling

The nice thing of ArchiMate is that you can model across the business, application and technology domain.

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