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Dragon1 for Kids provides education and free access to education to children all over the world.

Therefore we are building the free Dragon1 Education Platform, enabling free primary and secondary school education for children online.

Dragon1 for Kids relies on voluntary donations from you to continue their vital work.

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What is the Dragon1 Education Platform?

The Dragon1 Education Platform is a free online software service for children.

Every child, guided by a parent or teacher, can create an account and choose certain topics to get educated on, in a playful and effective way.

Educational Modules we are planning to build in 2017 are:

  • Coding with Scratch (the programming language for children)
  • How to build a website?
  • How do you do? - Speaking The English Language
  • Learning to read and write
  • Learning to count and calculate

We do not charge children, their parents or their teachers anything for it to use. Also we do not place advertisements on the platform. And we want to keep it that way.

Why is a Free Education Platform needed?

Over 70 million children in the world are prevented from going to school. They do not have access to education, a very important way out of poverty and war. These children often have a bad understanding of health and science, no chances of higher education and honest paid jobs and fall back to superstition when things go wrong.

Every kid in the world should be able to learn to read books, to calculate how much he or she should get paid for work, to learn about his own Human Rights and to learn how washing hands prevents many sickness and diseases. And many, many more basic things to make sure his or her life will be better.

Dragon1 for Kids develops the free Dragon1 Education Platform, creates online content and sets up projects for small groups of children and offers them free and guided online education using the online Dragon1 Education Platform.

If you would like to make a donation and help us to fight illiteracy and offer children a way out of poverty, that would be so great!

How To Donate

Use the PayPal links to donate the amount of your choice.

If you are interested in our latest accomplishments or the Dragon1 Education Platform, you can call us anytime. We are proud to tell you all about it.

The first Dragon1 coding class in Suriname, South America.

Mark Paauwe, founder of Dragon1, teaching children mathematics and coding in Suriname, South America.