एंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म

तकनीकी नवाचार और डिजिटल परिवर्तन में सीआईओ के लिए सबसे अच्छा विकल्प

Innovate and Transform Dragon1 provides strategic insights an overviews for CIOs

Realize technology innovation and digital transformation by working together on Dragon1, creating and sharing enterprise architecture visualizations.


Discover how Dragon1 worksDo Guided Demos

Learn to Create and Publish a Dragon1 Visualization

Import data, create a model, define views and use a visualization template to be productive.

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एंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्मएंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म of using Dragon1 for EA


IT Cost Reduction

Reduce your IT Cost significantly by deduplicating

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Technology Standardization

Mitigate risks by standardizing on technology

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एंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म

Increase effective and efficient usage of resources

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एंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म

Realize your strategic goals, step by step, with a line of sight

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Manage Impact of Change Visually

Get insights and overviews of relationships and dependencies

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Technology Standardization

Mitigate risks by standardizing on technology

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Communicate Insights and Overviews

Visualize and understand relationships and dependencies

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Enable Opportunities for Innovation

Support management in their decision making

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Guide with Principles and Standards

Provide projects with visualizations containing principles and standards

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Digital Twin Organizationएंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म

एंटरप्राइज आर्किटेक्चर के लिए ड्रैगन 1 सास प्लेटफार्म

Dragon1 is Known for Working With Enterprise Architecture in 110 Countries

Dragon 1 is trusted by governments, global companies and universities as solution for enterprise architecture management.

united states of america government
queensland australia government
british council
eglobaltech usa contractor organization

Business ArchitectureImprove working with Business Architecture and IT Architecture visually

Make business-critical decisions faster, better and smart by means of strategic blueprints as reports. Design, implement and monitor the always-on transformation as team, building the enterprise 4.0.

dragon1 enterprise architecture software

Dragon1 Use Cases

The best proof of a solution lies in its Use Cases. Read how EA Practitioners have worked on blueprinting, roadmapping, process mapping for Enterprise Maturity Level 1.

Try Dragon1 Guided Demos

The most productive way to learn new things is via a Guided Demo. Instead of 30 minutes, you can learn to create visualizations in 30 seconds.

Top Solution for Digital Transformation

Decision supporting visualizations to deliver value to your stakeholders. Embed end-to-end working with visual enterprise architecture across all business functions. Start creating and managing the company-wide transformation.

Strategic Planning

Become a Market Leader

Create strategy maps and customer journeys.

Strategy >

Business Innovation

Introduce Green Concepts

Use business intelligence and design new business models.

Business Models >

GDPR Compliance

Digital Transformation

Connect with Your Customers

Create interactive and dynamic business blueprints.

Digital Transformation >

Process & Application

Apps Integration & Data Security

Create Business Process, IT and Application Landscapes.

Applications >

dragon one sustainability
To Become Sustainable - Move forward to a fluid company with concepts and principles
dragon 1 strategy planning
For Strategic Planning - Alignment of data on strategy, architecture, transformation and operations

To Enable Innovation - New vision on enterprise architecture, business management and innovation
dragon 1 standardization
To Standardize - Successfully achieve domain based standardization in the organization

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For Business Architects, Information Architects, Security Architects, Solution Architects

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Dynamic Views

Generate Views with the Visualization tools

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EA Methodology

Official Specification of the Dragon1 open EA Method

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Dragon1 is Enterprise Architecture Framework Agnostic

We endorse the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture.

Configure and use any standard as Enterprise Architect. For alignment of strategy - business architecture - smart digital transformation