Leading Successful Transformation

Make informed decisions using aligned strategic visualizations.

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Dragon1: Software Platform for Enterprise Architecture

Lean Architecture Visualizations and Data Analytics measuring the impact of Digital Transformation

Dragon 1 supports co-creating Strategy Maps, Business Models and Blueprints, Business Processes, Application Models and IT Landscapes. This to enable enterprise transformation and reduce costs and risks.

Business Solutions for Top Priorities

Dragon1 is a strategic business solution for your top priorities

Strategy Planning

Become a Market Leader

Create strategy maps & visualize data on Dragon1

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Business Innovation

Introduce Green Concepts

Use business intelligence and create business models on Dragon1

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Enterprise Architecture

Get Connected as Enterprise

Design concepts visually & create roadmaps on Dragon1

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Digital Transformation

Getting Ready for the Future

Create interactive and dynamic business blueprints.

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Process & Application

Apps Integration & Data Security

Create Process and Application Landscapes on Dragon1

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Why Choose Dragon1?

Dragon1 makes of your enterprise, a connected enterprise.

Why Choose Dragon1: Sustainability
To Become Sustainable - Move forward to a connected enterprise with sustainable concepts
Why Choose Dragon1: Strategy Planning
For Strategy Planning - Have a solution that aligns data on strategy, architecture and transformation

Why Choose Dragon1: Innovation
To Enable Innovation - Using a new vision on enterprise architecture and business innovation
Why Choose Dragon1: Standardization
To Standardize - Successfully achieve domain based standardization in your enterprise


These companies already gained the benefit of using Dragon1




Dubai South

Credit Agricole

Unique Dragon1 Capabilities and Features

Dragon1 is unique for creating holistic overviews & insights, presenting them interactively to every stakeholder on any device.

Reuse Everything

Connect Information

Connect the dots: Import all your available data and models in one super database.

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Track Impact

Eliminate Showstoppers

Run your scenarios. Visualize and analyze the impact of change on your mobile.

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Link Strategy

Manage Transformation

See your strategy linked to architecture linked to projects in blueprints.

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Virtual Teams

Online Collaboration

Work together 100% online in creating products, architecture, solutions and roadmaps.

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Dynamic Views

Communicate to Stakeholders

Create dynamic views as auto filters on top of models for each stakeholder.

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Five Key Dragon1 Web Applications

Import & Link Data, Connect the Dots and Publish your Insights and Overviews


Resource Center

Share resources, knowledge and artifacts


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Architecture Repository

Import, enter and manage as team your data and information

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Create models, dynamic views and interactive visualizations

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Publish and share models and visualizations with stakeholders.

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Organize your work online for yourself and your team.

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Allowing business stakeholders and enterprise architects to obtain a digital visual representation of the organization and its strategy, goals, processes and architecture projects to implement the correct solutions

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