Strategy Map


On Dragon1 you can draw a strategy map from scratch, but also generate a strategy map using a template.

This page shows how to generate a strategy map with your own data using a template.

It takes about 15 minutes to enter data and generate a strategy map using your data and next publish and share it with stakeholders.

How To Create A Strategy Map

To generate a strategy map using a template, do

  • Login
  • Go to the Data Dashboard
  • Add an identity, vision and mission in the data lists
  • Add objectives in the data lists (use Add Batch)
  • Add metrics in the data lists (use Add Batch)
  • Add targets in the data lists (use Add Batch)
  • Add initiatives in the data lists (use Add Batch)
  • Create a Model (use for instance the name Strategy Model)
  • Create relationships between the data your entered
  • Create a Visualization
  • Provide a name for the Visualization
  • Set the Template to Strategy_Map
  • Upload a picture as bitmap for the viewer
  • Set the visualization to published.
  • Set the model to the model you have created
  • Save the
  • Watch it in the viewer
  • Click on the share button to share it with stakeholders

How to draw a Strategy Model

You can use the Visual Designer to create a model and draw the relationships. The relationship are automatically stored

To draw a strategy model do:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..

How to draw a Strategy Map

You can make use of the Visual Designer if you don't like the basic template or want a bit different strategy map.

The strategy map template actually is a combination of a balanced score card and a strategy map.

To draw a strategy map in the Visual Designer

  • Go to the visual designer
  • Open cabinet
  • Create or Select visualization in a folder. (make sure you double click on the item in the tree view)
  • Use File New to select a template in the Visual Designer
  • ....
  • (@bas de nieuwe manier hoe je visuele items in de visualdesigner kunt linken aan objecten uit de database verstrek ik nog aan je.)

Configuration option

The strategy map currently has no configuration options.