Setup and Personalize your Workplace

One size fits all is never true. So that is why Dragon1 has many options that you can use to make it support your way of working optimally, whether you use Dragon1 for Designing, Publishing or Blogging your Interactive Visualizations or Networking with other users for new assignments.

You can choose colors, backgrounds, names for your own channel and much more.

Here we will guide you through the most import settings you can alter. The goal is to get familiar with Dragon1.

Setting up

Login and go to your Digital Workplace (/workplace) by clicking on the monitor icon at the top right of your screen. In your digital workplace you see green, orange and red buttons. With these buttons you can setup and personalize your digital workplace.

To setup Dragon1:

  • Setup Theme - To setup a theme, click the Setup Theme button (/settings/theme). You can pick a nice background picture for your workplace.
  • Setup User - To setup your user, click the Setup User (/settings/user) button. You can choose you avatar and specify the name that is used when publishing content.
  • Setup Channel - To setup your channel, click the Setup Channel button at the left. A channel is a page with visuals. Visualizations which you have created you can publish in your own channel. Your user channel can be switched, hidden or public.
  • Setup Profile - To setup your profile, read the Tutorial (/help/setup-your-public-profile), login and click on Setup Profile (/profile/user). Some people use Dragon1 to profile themselves for services, including their CV. Here you can do that.
  • Visit Playground - To visit the playground, click the playground button. The playground is a free and open cabinet with example content. We use that content in the tutorials and lessons in the help. To look around in the playground makes you learn Dragon1 much quicker.
  • Setup Defaults - To setup defaults, click on the defaults button. Here you can alter the behavior of applications to your likeness.
  • Manage Publications - To manage your publications, click on the Manage Publication button.

Example Screenshots

This is a screenshot of your default Digital Workplace.