Release History Dragon1 v5.x

Last updated: May 21, 2018

On this page we provide information about the new features, changes to features, updates, hot fixes and bugfixes for Dragon1 version 5.x

Dragon1 v5.2 (March, April 2018)

Architecture Repository

  • Basic functionality is made more robust. Enter key is supported in the dialogs
  • Recycle bin introduced to undelete items
  • Many of the 300+ default entity classes are provided with new icons
  • Adding user data fields / attributes at entity classes is made easier to do

Visual Designer

  • Dynamic View scenarios have been improved


  • ArchiMate
  • BPMN
  • Settings

Dragon1 v5.2.1 (May, June 2018)

Visual Designer

  • View configuration data is not accessible after edit (fix planned)
  • Dynamic view with changed layout does not show new added items (fix planned)


  • Upgraded to new version (fix planned)


  • VDX (feature planned)
  • VSDX (feature planned)


  • A collapsible treeview (feature planned)