Manage Project Tasks

You can manage your project tasks on Dragon1. You can add, edit and delete project tasks and upload documents linked to these project tasks.

List Project Tasks

To list the project tasks:

  • There are two ways of listing project tasks: 1) Click on a listed project in the project widget on your workplace or 2) click on the Projects menu item in the menubar and then click on a listed Project
  • You see the list of project tasks

Add a Project Task

To add a project task:

  • Go to the Projects Module in the workplace
  • Click on Add Task
  • You see the Add Task form. Fill the Add Task fork with your details
  • Click on the Save button (below the form)

Edit a Project Task

  • Go to the Projects Module in the workplace
  • Click on a Project to view its project tasks
  • Click on a task to view its project task details
  • Edit your Project Task Details and click on Save (below on the form)
  • You see your project task updated in the task list

Delete a Project Task

  • Go to the Projects Module and click on a listed project
  • Click on a listed task in the tasks list
  • Click on the Delete button in your Project Details (below on the form)
  • Now, your project task is marked Deleted and not shown in the default the project tasks list
  • You can undelete your project task by changing the default view of your project tasks list to show all and then select the task and click on the Undelete button in the details view.