Inline Editing


Dragon1 offers the possibility to make quick changes inside a Model by using an inline editor. This topic demonstrates how to use the inline editor.

How to use the inline editor?

Inline editing can be done inside a Model in the Viewer by following these steps:

  • Log in.
  • Click "Viewer" in the left menu bar.
Select or upload a Model in the Viewer

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  • Select or upload a model to open the Viewer. Uploading is done by clicking the "Upload .dragon1 File" button in the upper bar.
Model opened in the Viewer with detail pane

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  • Click an icon in the Model (e.g. Loading Zone). A detail pane on the left shows up, containing two Pencils.
  • Click the upper Pencil to change the name of the icon.
Edit a title or link in detail pane with the inline editor

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  • When done editing, click the Pencil again to make the change visible in the Model.
Edited model by using the inline editor

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The same can be done for the lower Pencil (Link). In that case a popup will appear in which a link to a document or external website can be made.