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ArchiMate Guide

Architecture Repository

BPMN Business Modeling Guide

Building Diagram

Business Analyzer

Business Process Modeling Guide

Cabinets, Dossiers, Folders

Color Schemes and Profile Styles

Connect Data With Models


Contents on Dragon1 Learn and Help

Create a Basic Dragon1 Architecture Diagram

Create A BPMN Diagram

Create a Cabinet

Create A Dragon1 Architecture Diagram

Create a Dynamic Use Case Diagram

Create A Flowchart Diagram

Create a Model

Create a Presentation (Using Frames)

Create A Process Application Landscape Poster

Create a Simple View

Create a Standardization View

Create A Static Use Case Diagram

Create A System Landscape Diagram

Create a User Model

Create a Visualization

Create an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint - Big Five #1

Create An Interactive Application Landscape

Create an IT Infrastructure Architecture Blueprint Tutorial

Create Client

Create Contact

Create Entity Copy

Create Group

Create Indicator

Create Interactive Business Diagrams

Create Interactivity

Create Layer

Create Links

Create Relationship

Create Sketch

Create User Defined Attributes

Cross Browser Compatibility

Data Changes and Models Updates


Dragon1 Architecture Game Plan

Dragon1 Architecture Modeling Glossary

Dragon1 Diagram Notation Reference

Dragon1 Essential Architecture Products

Dragon1 Learn and Help System

Dragon1 Modeling and Presentation Platform Glossary

Dragon1 Open EA Method Guide

Dragon1 Process Modeling

Dragon1 Glossary

Dragon1 v3

Dynamic Views - Scenario 10: Cross Reference Matrix

Dynamic Views - Scenario 2: Hub and Spoke View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 3: Dependency View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 4: Grouping View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 5: Layered View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 6: Status/Progress View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 7: Compliance View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 8: Missing Data View

Dynamic Views - Scenario 9: List View

Dynamic Views for Enterprise Architecture

Edit Entity Name

Edit or Move a folder

eGovernment Reference Architecture

Enter Data

Enterprise Architecture Guide

Error Messages

Essentials of Dragon1

Expanding the Explorer Treeview

Export Data


Filter Shapes

Filter Visualizations

Flowchart diagram example

General Features

Generate a visualization

Generate Report

Getting Started

Guides and Manuals on Dragon1

Healthcare Reference Architecture

How to Change the Publication Status of an Entity

How To Create An Architecture Layer

How to Work Together on an Entity

IEEE1471 - ISO42010

Image Embedded Shapes

Import Data

Index on Dragon1 Learn and Help System

Insert an entity



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Learn and Try Dragon1 Step-by-Step

Link Content To Your ePortfolio

Link URL

Manage Project Documents

Manage Project Tasks

Manage Projects

Manage Publications

Manage Subscriptions

Manage To Do List

Managing Change With Real Enterprise Architecture

Meta meta modeling

Multi-Tenant Data Architecture

Naming Conventions

Overview Archifacts and Entity Classes

Overview of Entity Classes List

Page Background Attributes Panel

Popup Dialog Annotation Text and Picture

Popup Dialog Box

Printing, Formats and Sizes

Process Comments and Messages

Publish A Diagram In The Content Viewer

Publish A Diagram On A Watch Page In A Channel

Publishing Content

Reset Password on Dragon1

Resource Center Setup

Revision History

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) via Publication Status

Scenario Analysis Animation

Setup and Personalize

Setup Basic Dossier Structure

Setup Visual Items

Setup Your Public Profile

Share an Update

Share Visualization

Step-by-Step Guide walks you through Dragon1

Sticky Shapes and Broken Links

Tasks Workflow

Technical Architecture - Models and Views

Text Styles

The Zachman Framework Guide

Tracking and Tracing

Tutorial Create Basic Architecture Visualization

Tutorials Overview on the Dragon1 Learn and Help


Upload Content

User Interface Basics

Using a Visualization Template

Using Frames

Using Layers

Using Sound

Using Video

View and Print a Report

View Rules

Visual Designer

Whats New

What's New In Dragon1 v4.2

What's New In Dragon1 v4.3

What's Next

Working With Profiles

Working with Rules

Working with Views

Workplace Widgets

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