Error Messages

In the event of a problem the Dragon1 software always tries to generate a meaningful error message.

Error Messages are normally displayed in red in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. In an exceptional case, they are displayed at the top of the screen.

You always may report to us that you received the error message, via, but know that the application also automatically logs errors and we immediately act in case of an error occurring. It may be that you are not notified if it had no impact on your account.

List of Error Messages

List of most common error messages and what to do:

  • Server Timeout - This could be due to a memory shortage on your client computer, a bad internet connection, world-wide-web congestion or a lot of traffic load on the Dragon1 server. In either case: reboot your computer, restart the application and log in. If the error still occurs, please contact us.
  • Out of Pool Connections - In this case, the application or your client session has eaten up all database connections. In all cases, reboot your computer, wait for 5 minutes and restart the application. By that time normally inactive connections are freed again.