Generated IT Infrastructure Landscape with Dashboard

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NOTE: If you click on the .dragon1 file to open it, Windows will likely ask you for an app to associate with the .dragon1 extension. Choose Notepad if possible in the dialog.

Generated IT Infrastructure Landscape with Dashboard

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IT Infrastructure Landscapes are diagrams and dashboards of essential value. Using Dragon1 you can generate a visualization using an excel sheet, templates and a JSON-API and focus on high-quality data, resulting in a great analysis.

Above you see an interactive example of a generated Customer Journey on Dragon1 in the Viewer.

The Dragon1 Viewer is an application that can be used on, but it can also be embedded on any website or be run locally on your laptop or server.

You can yourself also have such a generated IT Infrastructure Landscape by doing the demo below.

We have provided an Excel Sheet you can use to generate your own IT Infrastructure Landscape with on Dragon1.

The demo you can do here, consists of 3 steps:

  • 1. You download the Excel Sheet and edit it with your data
  • 2. You convert the excel sheet into a .dragon1 File (JSON Structured)
  • 3. You upload the .dragon1 File in the Viewer and check out the generated diagram with its dashboard and manage your transformation in your company using the diagram and the dashboard.

Do the Tutorial

If you want to follow our free tutorial in generating or building a customer journey from scratch, click on the button below.

The tutorial will provide some steps to edit the IT Infrastructure Landscape and dashboard in the Viewer (in edit mode).

We also have a paid eLearning module for learning how to set up a customer journey and accompanying dashboard. Contact us for more information at