Innovation at Organizations in Suriname

What is happening in this country on Innovation at Organizations concerning Enterprise Architecture?

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About Suriname

Suriname officially known as the Republic of Suriname is a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. It is bordered by French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west and Brazil to the south.

On 25 November 1975, the country of Suriname became independent.

Suriname is a rising country and as a member of CARICOM, it is frequently considered a Caribbean country and has had frequent trade and cultural exchange with the Caribbean nations.

Capitals: Paramaribo, Lelydorp, Nieuw Nickerie

Languages: Dutch, Surinam, Sranan Tongo

Currencies: SRD, US Dollar, Euro

Population: 590.000

Organizations: zie

Enterprise Architects: 30 (est.)

Digital Infrastructure: Stable

Sports: Marshall Arts, Soccer, Tennis

Anthem: God zij met ons Suriname

Country Website: Consulaat Suriname

Chamber of Commerce:

Top Sectors

What are the top sectors for innovation in the country?

  • Gold Mining & Metals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • ICT
  • ...

Innovation Programs and Policies

What documents and whitepapers are there about innovation for organizations in the country?

  • Nationaal Innovatie Programma
  • ...

Reference Architectures

What are the main reference architectures in the country?

  • tbd

Methods and Standards

What methods and standards are used?

  • ITIL
  • Prince2
  • Dragon1

Concepts and Principles

What concepts and principles are used in architectures?

  • eGovernment
  • Service Orientation
  • Process Orientation

Institutes, Groups & Main Events

What are the quality organizations to go to?

  • ...

Inventions and Innovations

Who are the inventors and what innovations regarding digital infrastructure and enterprise architecture?

  • ...

Links and Resources

Top websites

  • Hoe schrijf ik een plan van aanpak?
  • Hoe manage ik een project?
  • Hoe maak ik een architectuur?
  • ...

News and Developments

What has happened lately in this country?

Architecture Products

  • Applicatielandschap
  • Enterprise Architectuur Blauwdruk
  • Technology Roadmap
  • ProDoc