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Interactive Health Care IT Standards Compliance Overview @ Nictiz

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Nictiz - Facts & Figures - Nictiz is a IT company for Health Care Standards in The Netherlands


The Nictiz organization in the Netherlands used Dragon1 to visualize their IT standards framework interactively with Dragon1. This enabled them to communicate their framework on the internet more easily.

The Case

Nictiz had a basic static overview of IT Health Care standards. In order to communicate them more widely and easily an effort was made to make a responsive/interactive map on Dragon1 of that IT Health Care overview.

Solution Strategy

First they created in powerpoint a draft version of the framework. Then the powerpoint was imported into Dragon1 Business Architect. Per standards three mouseover events were created: Standards-Organization-Popup, Standards-Content-Popup and Standards-Information-Popup.

Next the popup dialogs were linked to areas (standards) on the map.

Interactive/Responsive Map on Healthcare Standards

Interactive/Responsive Map on Healthcare Standards


Challenges were time and user experience of the responsive /interactive map.


The outcome of this project on Dragon1 was a responsive/interactive map of an overview of IT Health Care standards.

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