Customer Case Study

Application Portfolio Management

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Transparency about Applications and their business relevancy to improve business support and plan the roadmap to the target landscape.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce Cost – Through Application rationalization
  • Reduce Risk – Through better understanding of Application landscape's functional and technological risk profile
  • Increase Agility – Through better support of strategic business demands

In which Applications to invest, which to divest?

How well are Business Capabilities supported by applications?

Using Dragon1, I could provide management with visualizations that supported decision-making, data driven.

Tino Lew, SPSB, Auditor & Senior Manager, Suriname

Who is using Applications where: Do we have support gaps? Do we have redundancies?

Who is providing the Application: Is this an effective setup?

How does the Application portfolio evolve over time? Is this in line with our strategic business priorities?