Business Model Canvas: Generate, Analyze, Compare and Filter your Business Model
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NOTE: If you click on the .dragon1 file to open it, Windows will likely ask you for an app to associate with the .dragon1 extension. Choose Notepad if possible in the dialog.
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Business Model Canvas: Generate, Analyze, Compare and Filter your Business Model

A .dragon1 File demo

This demo is a diagram generation & analysis demo using the Business Model Canvas template. You can use this tool when you want to start a business. YOu can analyze the various aspects of your business model: with models of others or other models of your architecture.

The purpose is to show how easy and fast you can generate or create an interactive business model canvas diagram on Dragon1. You only have to upload or import a .csv data file and convert it into a .dragon1 File and watch it in the viewer.

You see a generated diagram in the viewer above. This diagram was generated using the following .dragon1 file.

It is a specification of a business model canvas in the Dragon1 modeling language. Below you see a screenshot of an example .dragon1 File.

You can download the file, edit it in Notepad and upload it in the viewer

Measure - Analyze - Improve

Dragon1 supports you in measuring, analyzing and improving your business model.

Below you see a static visualization of the diagram of the Amazon's business model above. You can make use of the button in the menu bar below to analyze the diagram and change its appearance. The Layout button for instance supports you in giving groups different colors.

If you provide a reference business model in your .dragon1 file you can also compare and improve your business model in relation to the reference model.

Business Model Canvas Amazon

We also provide a local version of the viewer. Download the files below for that.