Task Manager

What is the Task Manager?

On Dragon1, we provide you with a Task Manager. With the Task Manager you can plan tasks for yourself or for others. You can use the task management as an innovative means for transfering knowledge.

Before you can use the task manager, you first need to go to the login screen via the startup screen and then login. Next via the startup screen you can startup the task manager.

When you click on the Dragon1 Logo the 'digital workplace is shown with the task list for current outstanding tasks. As you see, tasks that run over the deadline will change color.

In the Digital Workplace you can also check your messages, chats, news and calender and plan your events and see the availability of your colleagues or team members. You also have quick access to the tools you often use.

My Home Screen

On the left side of the screen, you can choose from 250+ generic content types to enter and manage data for. Recent changes to these content types from you or team members are report on the My Work Page.

My Work - Overview of recent changes in Cardboxes

On the Home web application (click on Home in the Start Up screen), you will see what tasks are open for you, what is on your calender and what the latest news and next events are.

My Work Cardboxes - Example view of a Cardbox Manager / Editor

In the sidebar of the startup screen you can access quickly one of the 150+ default Entity Classes Card boxes for creating and managing a list of data.

Via the My Work link on the left you can get an overview page, like above, of the work that is planned for you to do and what you have done. You can also view the work page of team members. This enables collaboration very much in creating architecture products together.

Go to "www.dragon1.com", see the Dragon1 - Main Screen and click on Login. You are now in a safe (https/ssl) environment where you can click on a module to enter, based on your credentials.

Overview of Task Manager Features

Features Dragon1 FREE Dragon1 PRO Dragon1 ENTERPRISE
1. Start up web applications and access the My Work Cardboxes
2. Multilingual tool: English and Dutch available, Easy switching between languages
3. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to the Web Applications
4. Intruder Detection Lockout
5. Working safe with HTTPS / SSL
6. Seeing which colleagues are logged in
7. Personal tool space, work history and tasks overview
8. Skins: Organization specific application skin / style sheet
9. Logging of actions for tracking and tracing
10. My Work: Overview of widgets (list) showing the latest changes per Entity Class
11. My Work: Insert or remove widgets (list) of latest changes per Entity Class
12. Card box style creation and editing of items
13. Easy access and easy user interface
14. Home: Overview of Tasks, Chat Messages, Applications, Calendar and Events and News & Updates

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